Assignments for 9-20-17

Assignments for 9-20-17



Old Stone Age Parallel Time Line


Assignments for 9-18-17

Here are the Assignments for 9-18-17

Read P. 30-35

Complete an A-Z Taxonomy that includes 10 Phrases.

Write a 1 paragraph summary of the reading selection on the back.

Answer the Review & Assess Questions 1-5 on page 35.

A to Z Taxonomy

A to Z Taxonomy

Assignment for 9-14-17

Here is the Assignment for 9-14-17

Ice Mummy Venn Diagram

Complete the Venn Diagram using the information you learned from both books and the movie about the Iceman.

Assignments for 9-5-17

Here are the Assignments for 9-5-17

Reading Maps / Reading Map – Symbols

Assignments for 9-1-17

Here are the assignments for 9-1-17

Reading Maps / Reading Maps (Islands)

Assignments for 8-31-17

Here are the Assignments for 8-31-17

How to Measure / Reading Maps

How to Measure

Measure With scale


Using Maps (India Scale)  / Reading Maps


Reading Maps Scale

Assignments for 8-30-17

Here are the Assignments for 8-30-17

I’ve Got The Key / Where Where Worksheets

Ive Got The Key - Map Reading

Map Reading - Legends


Reading Legends / Map Reading Worksheets

Reading Legends - Map Skills

Reading Maps Legend

Assignments for 8-29-17

Here are the Assignments for 8-29-17

Intermediate Points / In-Betweens Worksheet



Using Intermediate Directions / Spookytown Worksheets

Intermediate Directions

Spooky Town



Assignments for 8-28-17

Here are the for Assignments for 8-28-17

Cardinal Points / North, South, East, and West Worksheets


North South East West


Cardinal Directions / Reading a Map Worksheet

Cardinal Directions Definition

Cardinal Directions Camp


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