Chapter 4 Ancient India


CH4 Summary


Click the link below to download the chapter notes in PDF format:
Chapter 4 Notes


Writing Handouts:

A to Z Taxonomy

A to Z Taxonomy

Metacognition - What I Know

Metacognition – What I Know

Metacognition Frame

Metacognition Frame

Writing from Important Words

Writing from Important Words

Defining Format

Defining Format

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram Compose Venn Diagram-Compose (Venn Diagram Part 2)

Note Taking Cards

Question & Answer Notes

Chapter Handouts:

The Indus River Valley

Write About It - Indus Valley

Indus Valley Civ

Birth of Hinduism

Vocabulary Review - India 1

Birth of Buddhism

Using New Words CH4


Buddhism The Eightfold Path

Buddhism The Story of Buddha

The Eight-Fold Path

Indian Empires

Vocabulary Review - India 2

Check Understanding - India 1

Check Understanding - India 2

Reading Comprehension - Aryans

Reading Comprehension - Caste System

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