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Assignment for 1-13-17

Assignment for 1-13-17

Reading Comprehension - Aryans

Assignments for 1-11-17 and 1-12-17

Assignments for 1-11-17 and 1-12-17

A-Z Taxonomy P.118-123

10 Phrases
1 Paragraph Summary
Review & Assess Questions #’s 1-5 on P.123

A to Z Taxonomy

A to Z Taxonomy

Indus River Valley / Indus Valley Civilization Worksheet
Indus Valley Civ

Research Project


Assignments from 10-16-16

Assignments from 10-16-16


Assignments from 10-15-16

Assignments from 10-15-16

Read P.88-95
Do A-Z Taxonomy
* 10 Phrases
* 2 Paragraphs
Do Review and Assess P.95 #s 1-2

A to Z Taxonomy

A to Z Taxonomy

Assignments for 10-8-16

Here are the Assignments for 10-8-16



Assignments from 10-7-16

Here are the Assignments from 10-7-16

CH3 Gift of the Nile


Assignments for 10-31-16

Here are the worksheets assigned on 10-31-16

The Fertile Crescent Map Skills






Assignment from 8-30-16

Complete the Ice Mummy Venn Diagram by comparing the information we learned from the Story Book and Text Book with the information presented in the Movie.

Answer the 3 following questions.

How was the Ice Mummy found and what was found with him?

What methods were used to examine the Ice Mummy and what did they find?

What did scientists learn about the life of early people by examining the Ice Mummy?

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

Assignment for 8-26-16

Read Pages 22 through 25 from the textbook.

Complete the “Metacognitive Frame” worksheet using the information you gained from the text and the story read to you in class.

Metacognition Frame

Metacognition Frame