Assignment for 8-25-16

Complete a “Defining Format” worksheet about the Ice Mummy.

Under Essenical Question Put: Ice Mummy, Otzi, and Iceman

Under General Category Put: Man, Mummy, and Hunter.

Under Attributes and Characteristics Put Things Like: A 5’2″ Man, had blue eyes, died face down in the snow, was over 5,000 years old, had an ax made of coper and a knife made of stone, wore animal skin clothing, kept hot coals in a box, died high in the mountains, etc.

In the “What Counts Box” write. 1. Spelling and Handwriting 2. 7 Sentences 3. A Drawing of something related to the Ice Mummy. Primary Attribute – He was a 5,000 year old mummy.

Complete the 7 sentences using the defining format and draw your picture.

Defining Format

Defining Format


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